Research, Education and Training of Quranic Wisdom to promote Quranic Applied Divinity and
Quranic Social Understanding for the contemporary world.
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The founder of this Institute is Abul Fazl Noor Ahmed. He has been an active worker of Islamic intellect since student life and very much attached to Molana Ubedullah Sindhi's political and Quranic thoughts based on the teachings of Shah Waliullah. He has gained great acceptance for serving in the areas of Sindhi literature, knowledge and Learning by establishing Sindhica Academy. In addition to publishing hundreds of books on educational and academic subjects from Sindhica platform, he, publishing hundreds of thousands of Translations and Commentaries of the Holy Quran and books on Islamic thought, has been able to make them available in every nook and corner of Sindh. He is the author of several preaching books including Khawateen Islamic Encyclopedia (Islamic Encyclopedia for women), by which a great number of educated persons and youths of the country has attained attachment to Islamic thought. Now, he has set up the Hikmat-e-Quran Institute with the cooperation of enlightened team of scholars for the higher education of Quran.

Patron Advisory Board

          Hakimul Islam Hazrat Molana Mufti Abdul Wahab Chachar: A distinguished Mufti of Pakistan, Sheikhul Hadith (Scholar of the Traditions of the Prophet of Islam) and researcher has been bringing out the monthly "Shariah" magazine which has constantly been disseminating Islam's Enlightenment in Sindhi language. He has secured the distinguished position of Mufti-e-Azam among the scholars of Sindh. All over Sindh, the scholars regard him to be the last authority on fatwa (formal legal opinion). The Commentary of the Quran entitled "Sahal-ul-Bayan" in six volumes on wisdom and understanding of Quran is a highly prestigious work produced by him in Sindhi. In Rohri, he is the Founder head and Sheikhul Hadith of religious institution, Darul Uloomu Shariah, where he teaches Quran and Hadith to the pupils of dars nizami and this way they are bestowed with the degree of graduation.

Chairman Advisory Board

Mr. Abdul Sattar Abasi, belongs to the noble Abasi family of Noshero Feroz. Replete with sobriety, Abdul Sattar Abasi has much enthusiasm to learn Quranic Teachings and disseminate them. He is very much concerned to solve the individual and social problems of the people of the present age with the help of Quranic teachings. He believes that the Quranic Enlightenment by strengthening our individuals and society could rescue them from the present worst social situation. Once he was the MPA Sindh and through Khadimul Fuqarah Trust together with disseminating Quran's sindhi Translations he has been active in other national services.

Member Advisory Board

  1. Hakimul Islam Molana Mohammad Suleiman Tahir: He has a special relationship with Mujadidul Asr Hazrat Hamadullah Halejvi Nawwarullah markadahoo. He has lived all of his life being active and attached to Islamic thought and has been working as an envoy of Islamic thought in Islamic world. He has performed duties of Editor of many magazines and as a Director of Shah Waliullah Academy, Hyderabad. At the moment, he is the Editor of the monthly "Al-hamaad" magazine, being published for the cause of Islamic thought. He is serving there with his matchless services to strengthen human mental uplift, purification and religious abilities.
  1. Hakimul Islam Mufti Mohammad Sadique Soomro: He has been active all of his life for preaching oneness of God. Thousands of Sindh's people especially educated ones and youths are attached to Islamic thought by dint of his hardwork and company. In sindh a great number of his scholar pupils exist. At the moment, in citizen colony, Hyderabad, he continues the same task of preaching and Islamic thought.
  1. Hakimul Islam Molana Mohammad Ans Rajpar: He is especially attached to the teachings  and thoughts of Imam Shah Waliullah and Hakimul Umah Molana Ubedullah Sindhi through Hazrat Molana Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi. All of his life he has been thinking, writing and disseminating that very thought. He has written and translated several books. At the moment, he is the Research Fellow of Islamic Manuscripts in the Library of the Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.