Research, Education and Training of Quranic Wisdom to promote Quranic Applied Divinity and
Quranic Social Understanding for the contemporary world.
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As a Volunteer

            A volunteer for this Institute is a person who has the missionary spirit of reading Quran with translation, so that he may be able to make Quran his guide in his practical life through perfect perception not merely out of belief. You may accomplish to disseminate this sort of missionary spirit among your family members, your colleagues, friends and people around you.

By just a slight labour and a fraction of passion of you, many a people may set up their conscious and everlasting nearness, instead of formal belief, to their Provider. When their souls through understanding of Quran will become bound with the covenant of “Qaloo Balla”, peace and satisfaction will become their destiny. And you may enjoy the honour and satisfaction of being envoy between Allah and His slaves.

A volunteer could be a person from any part of the country, who would determine to make himself the adherent of the high objectives of the Holy Quran by doing the “Shaoor-e-Quran” Course:

  1. He will recite translation of Quran and start it in his family and promote it widely step by step in his surroundings.
  2. He will make at least two persons in a month to take distance course of Hikmat-e-Quran.
  3. He will himself be bound to take one of Hikmat-e-Quran courses of his choice after doing "Shaoor-e-Quran" Course.

As an Academian

          An Academian for this Institute is a person who has the missionary spirit of reading Quran with translation, so that he may be able to benefit the people of the present age from Quran's wisdom, discernment and Applied Divinity and Social Understanding.

          Whether you are a teacher, a scholar and beneficiary from Quran's grace, devote your some skills and time for Hikmat-e-Quran Institute. Please contact to Hikmat-e-Quran Institute, so that through this Institute taking well the benefit of your academic and intellectual abilities, a portion of that intellect be accorded to humanity by diverse academic assignments with regard to the preparation of literature and delivery of lectures on the subject.

As a Curriculum Supporter

Three distance courses are being conducted by Hikmat-e-Quran for the entire humankind through Internet, and within Pakistan through correspondence and Internet as well, in order that the seekers of the Quran may become useful individuals of the society by getting the knowledge of Quran's Wisdom and Quranic Applied Divinity and Quranic Social Understanding at their homes. A considerable amount of money is spent on the commentary books of the Holy Quran. You’re providing the following books will facilitate to accomplish the Quran's wide-ranging missionary task. Kindly send money for the books of your choice from the following list in the Hikmat-e-Quran's online account No: 0085010100903-7.Askari Bank, Marston Road, Karachi.

English Books

  1. Way to the Quran 500 copies Rs.20,000
  2. Umul-Quran  500 copies Rs.60,000
  3. Majmoa-e-Tafaseer Imam Sindhi   500 copies Rs.100,000
  4. Tarjuman-ul Quran 500 copies Rs.200,000
  5. Gateway to the Quran 500 copies Rs.130,000

Urdu Books:

  1. Al-wahiul Mohammadi      2000 copies Rs.200,000
  2. Quran ka mutaliaa kese kiya jae   2000 copies Rs.90,000
  3. Umul kitab 2000 copies Rs.120,000
  4. Tarjumanul Quran (Translation)  2000 copies Rs.380,000
  5. Majmoa-e-Tafaseer Imam Sindhi 2000 copies Rs.380,000
  6 Tafseer Ma'ariful Irfan   1000 copies Rs.150,000
  7 Quran ke Khudaee Qawaneen   2000 copies Rs.80,000
  8 Hikmat-e-Quran  2000 copies Rs.150,000
  9 Afadat-e-Qurani   1000 copies Rs.150,000
  10 Jawama-e-Seerat    2000 copies Rs.220,000

Sindhi Books:

  1. Umul Quran 1000 copies Rs.80,000
  2. Ilhamur-Rehman   2000 copies Rs. 200,0000
  3. Tafseer Sahlul-Bayan        1000 copies Rs. 450,000 
  4. Tarjuma tul Quran   1000 copies Rs. 175,000