Research, Education and Training of Quranic Wisdom to promote Quranic Applied Divinity and
Quranic Social Understanding for the contemporary world.
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The Hikmat-e-Quran Institute has been established for higher education of Quranic Applied Divinity and Quranic Social Understanding so that Muslims could be guided in their declined social condition in contemporary world. On the subject this is the first Institute of "Takhasus Hikmat-e-Quran" Specialization in Wisdom of Quran, where a comprehensive education of Quranic sagacious teachings will be imparted to graduates from different institutes. Simultaneously, to benefit Muslims from this Institute three more courses will be offered through distance means.

The objective of the Hikmat-e-Quran Institute is to benefit the contemporary human beings effectively from Quranic Teachings and its instructive and applied wisdom, which is the fountain-head book revealed by Allah as the last instructions and guidance in order that where prayer calls echo, there the spirit like Bilal come into being; where mosques are full with praying persons, there the faith like Abu Bakar and Abu Zar Ghafari be infused into them; where institutions are flourishing with pupils, there should create the environment of producing intellects and the wise; where the preaching goes on, there the hearts and minds could be won over; where speeches and writings are structured, there the signs of the fall of ignorance, associating partners to Allah, atheism come to light; where the struggle for revolution, change and reformation take place, there that sort of hope of change into the system be raised, which was promised for with Godly persons.

In short, from this platform such kind of scholars and intellectuals and legend personalities be raised, who should have the firm grasp of the problems of the present age humanity and should always be inclined to act. This way for society such mature and sage Muslims be prepared, who in their walk of life and with regard to Islam could be referred to, for such scholars, intellectuals and legend personalities can play the important role for change in society.

It has been taught in the Holy Quran that Islam will holds way over other religions and theories all over the world through education, training and wisdom. Quran's promise is true but maturity and action on our part is the only need for it. The teachings of the Prophet of Islam and the congregation raised by him met with all the victories and triumphs through education, training and wisdom to guide humanity and reform the society. We want to benefit the contemporary human beings from Quran's that light and glory. Similarly, in the sub-continent the lamp of knowledge and struggle lit by Hazrat Imam Shah Walliullah Dehlvi and his raised congregation, we must not let it extinguish.

In order to benefit the scholars and masses on the face of the earth from the wisdom of Quran through the Hikmat-e-Quran Institute, the above facility will be provided through different type of communication means. The books included in syllabus would be available on website of the Institute (which is under development in English) and within Pakistan they would be sent (in Urdu & Sindhi Languages) by post together with guide stuff to enable to use those books. From time to time the question papers would be sent to students, which they will have to send back to the Institute after they have solved them.
With the result of such educational guidance by the Hikmat-e-Quran Institute the individuals associated with various institutes will succeed to achieve the superior objective in the light of wisdom. Then those persons, on one hand, with the perfect Applied Divinity and Social Understanding of Quran, will benefit from the gifts of bliss and success of this life "Hasantun fidduniya" by playing their responsible role for the society, they will be destined to achieve, on the other hand, the bliss and successes of hereafter "Hasanatun filAkhira", for which Allah has promised with believers as a consequence of exemplary practical life of this world.

Whether you are graduate or scholar with contemporary knowledge, or doctor, or teacher or engaged in any walk of life or in any religious or contemporary educational field; if you, with an objective and an aim in your life, are desirous of revolution, change and renaissance in the light of Quran and Sunnah, then choose any course of this Institute for acquisition of the wisdom of Quran, fill the form and send to us.

May Allah help and protect us. Amen!